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Contents: New Minor in Portuguese Language and Luso-Brazilian Studies; Feature: The UW León Center; SPS Students Study Abroad in Quito, Ecuador; Bonifacio ¨El bueno¨: masculinidad perturbadora en Clarín.; Husky Giving Day is April 4th - Read now »
Contents: Scholarship Named for SPS Principal Lecturer; SPS Partners with Seattle Latino Film Festival for On-Campus Film Screening; Prof. Grínor Rojo Gives a Talk about Chilean Dictatorship; Spain: A Country Where Culture and Business Go Hand in Hand; The Friends of Spanish & Portuguese Studies - Read now »
Contents: A Hispanic Film Festival, Curated for Teens; High Spirits: Alumna Owns Winery in Peruvian Andes; Portuguese Students Win Scholarships; Student Success: SPS Major Named to Phi Beta Kappa; What the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula Teach Us About Political Power & Minority Status; Local Director of UW in Quito Program Granted Honor; The Friends of Spanish & Portuguese Studies - Read now »
Contents: New Textbook Teaches Spanish Language, Culture Through Talk of Food; New to the Department: Academic Advisor Dalia Correa; Student Success: Master's Program Graduate Erin McCoy; Banking, Wineries, Technology, and much More! UW Students Explore Spain’s Unique Businesses and Culture; Watch the Promotional Video for the NW CÁDIZ Program!; SPS and Instituto Cervantes Joint Workshop; The Friends of Spanish & Portuguese Studies - Read now »
Contents: Senior Lecturer Inma Raneda-Cuartero Receives Distinguished Teaching Award; New to the Department: Dr. José Francisco Robles; Two SPS Students Selected for the Husky 100!; History in the Making: Life-long Portuguese Learners at UW; What UW Students Say About Studying Abroad in Quito; Distinguished Alumnus Receives Lifetime Achievement Award; The Friends of Spanish & Portuguese Studies - Read now »
Contents: Letter From the Chair; A Unique and Lasting Legacy; Visiting Baños and La Mitad del Mundo while Studying in Ecuador; New to Spanish and Portuguese, but not to UW!; Two New Positions Enhance SPS Division's Productivity; From the Halls of UW to Seattle's City Hall; Ph.D. Student Applauds Program; León Bensadon Memorial Scholarship Fund; The Friends of Spanish and Portuguese Studies; Funding Available to UW Students; Aula Cervantes Institute; Center for Spanish Studies - Read now »
Contents: Letter from the Chair | Spring 2014; Committed to Success | Alumni Spotlight on Brent Carbajal; Bridging the Gap from Antiquity to the Present | Faculty Spotlight on Donald Gilbert-Santamaría; It's a Win-Win! | Staff Spotlight on Student Assistants Rachel Brown, Michelle Vega and Lisa Zeta; Doing UW Proud | Student Spotlight on Amanda Baker, Brandon Upton, and Josh Twaddle; Eat, Live, and Study in Spain this Summer! | Study Abroad Course at the UW León Center; Joy Maa Receives 2014 Dean's Medal - Read now »
Contents: Letter from the Chair | Winter 2014; A Room with a View | Alumna Spotlight on Jill McKinstry; The Best Plan is...No Plan! | Faculty Spotlight on Ana Fernández Dobao; The Buck Stops Here | Staff Spotlight on Cecile Kummerer; A Teacher's Dream | Student Spotlight on Pragya Kc; Study Abroad | Winter Academic Program in Quito, Ecuador; A Passion for Theater | Faculty Rave, Anna Witte; Special Funding for Students; León Bensadon Memorial Scholarship Fund; Friends of Spanish and Portuguese; The Center for Spanish Studies; Aula Cervantes Institute - Read now »