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Admission to the Spanish Major

The Spanish major is a minimum prerequisite major.  Students who meet the prerequisites will be admitted, provided they can complete the major requirements within the UW's academic satisfactory progress policy.  Applications to the Spanish major are accepted year-round.

To be eligible to apply, students must:

  • have completed Spanish 203

  • have at least a 2.0 overall grade point average

  • have at least a 2.7 overall GPA for all Spanish course work completed, with no individual grade below 2.5

  • have completed at least 5 credits of English Composition (see chart below) with a minimum grade of 2.5

    English Composition Courses (updated October 22, 2002)

    C LIT 240

    Writing in Comparative Literature (5, max. 15)

    ENGL 104-105*

    Introductory Composition (5- 5)

    ENGL 111

    Composition: Literature (5)

    ENGL 121

    Composition: Social Issues (5)

    ENGL 131

    Composition: Exposition (5)

    ENGL 182

    The Research Paper (5)

    ENGL 197

    Interdisciplinary Writing/Humanities [VLPA] (5, max. 15)

    ENGL 198

    Interdisciplinary Writing/Social Science [I&S] (5, max. 15)

    ENGL 199

    Interdisciplinary Writing/Natural Science [NW] (5, max. 15)

    ENGL 281

    Intermediate Expository Writing (5) [formerly 271]

    *ENGL 104-105 is a ten-credit equivalent of the 5-credit ENGL 131. They count as 10 credits toward graduation, but only as 5 credits toward the English composition or additional writing (W-course) requirement.

Students who meet all of the eligibility requirements should complete the following steps to apply:

  • Fill out a Change of Major Form (PDF).
    (Please make sure to include your email address)
  • Attach an updated, unofficial copy of your UW transcript and highlight all Spanish courses completed to date, and an English composition course.

  • If you have completed course work in Spanish at another university and it does not appear on your UW transcript, attach a copy of your complete transcript from that school. Transcripts may be unofficial (photocopies are acceptable).

  • If you have met with the prerequisties for the Spanish major, you may submit your completed Change of Major form and transcript(s) to Humanities Advising Services (HAS) at Padelford Hall 002-A (two floors below the Department of English main office) or electronically to or at the HAS website. If Spanish will be your second major, you must obtain signed permission from your other departmental academic adviser prior to turning in paperwork to add Spanish as a major.  If there are any questions or issues regarding your application, you will be contacted via email.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.