Teaching Certificate Endorsements

Information for Teaching Candidates Applying to UW's Teacher Education Program (TEP)

The UW Teacher Education Program through the College of Education is a Master in Teaching (M.I.T.) degree program resulting in a Washington residency teaching certificate for elementary or secondary (specific subject) school teaching.

Candidates to UW Seattle's Teacher Education Program for secondary education certification who seek a Spanish secondary teaching endorsement should arrange to have their undergraduate coursework evaluated by the UW Department of Spanish and Portuguese adviser. Once you have completed all coursework for the endorsement, the adviser must sign the Endorsement Evaluation that accompanies your application to the Teacher Education Program (TEP).  The next application cycle will be for spring 2022 admission.  The College of Education application deadline is October 10, 2021.  To ensure that the endorsement evaluation is completed in time to meet the College of Education's application deadline, requests for evaluations, including all required materials indicated below, must be submitted no later than September 17, 2021.  While you are welcome to submit a request for evaluation after this date, there is no guarantee that it can be completed in time to meet the October 10, 2021 application deadline.  Questions about the application process and endorsement pathways should be directed to the College of Education’s Office of Student Services at edinfo@uw.edu or 206-543-7834. Questions about the program content should be directed to Dr. Phillip Markley at phillipm@uw.edu.  Questions about the Spanish endorsement evaluation requirements should be directed to spsadv@uw.edu.

The UW Seattle Teacher Education Program holds information sessions, which you are strongly encouraged to attend, and for which you can register on the web. For more information, contact edinfo@uw.edu or 206-543-7834, or visit the Teacher Education Program web site.

World Language Endorsement applicants are also required to take the ACTFL, and are strongly encouraged to do so early in the application process to allow time for an exam retake if necessary.  More information can be found here: Secondary MIT Application Requirements.

If you are currently a UW Spanish major, or a recent graduate with a major in Spanish, please submit the following materials to request an evaluation of your Spanish coursework:

1.  An unofficial copy of your UW transcript, with all Spanish courses highlighted.

2.  College of Education Endorsement Evaluation form found here: MIT Endorsement Evaluation Form, with top section completed, including your contact information (e-mail, phone), UW student ID#, and total credits completed.

All other applicants, please follow the steps below to request an evaluation of your Spanish coursework.  Note that many universities' academic departments and administrative offices are closed during July and August.  Applicants are urged to request official transcripts and Spanish course syllabi in the spring, to ensure that they can meet the September 9th deadline for requesting their Endorsement Evaluations.

1. Gather copies of official (sealed) transcripts from each college or university you attended (please do not have these transcripts mailed to us directly by other schools; instead, gather them together and send them in a group along with your other materials);

2. Gather catalog course descriptions for all courses that may meet endorsement requirements (it is acceptable to submit descriptions from the institution's general course catalog);

3. If a class was taken in a study abroad program, or if the course's title does not make its content clear (e.g., "Cervantes and His Times”  is clear, whereas "Spanish Literature Seminar" is not specific enough), please gather syllabi, lecture schedules, and/or other detailed material to assist the adviser in evaluating the specific content of Spanish courses;

4. Compare the courses you have taken with the UW's required endorsement coursework in Spanish, which is the same as the required coursework for a major in Spanish:  http://spanport.washington.edu/spanish-major-requirements.

5. Complete the top section of the College of Education Endorsement Evaluation form found here: MIT Endorsement Evaluation Form, including your contact information (e-mail, phone, mailing address);

6. Submit the materials above to the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Advising.

Submit in person:

Bring materials to C-104 Padelford Hall, and drop them off in the adviser's inbox. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday from 8A-12P; 1-4:30P.  (Click here to view Padelford Hall on a UW campus map.)  Applicants are encouraged to call ahead to verify that the office is open, if making a special trip to campus: 206-543-2020.

Submit by mail:

Spanish Adviser-MIT     
Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies
Box 354360
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-4360

Please allow a minimum of two weeks for the evaluation to be completed.  Materials must be received no later than September 17, 2021 to ensure that the evaluation is finished in time for MIT applicants to meet the College of Education’s submission deadline.  A copy of the Endorsement Evaluation form will be sent to the MIT applicant, and to the UW College of Education.