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Adding a 300/400-Level Course

During the First Week of the Quarter (Regular Academic Year)

Days 1-3:

  • For most of our courses, all matriculated, degree-seeking undergraduate students will be able to enroll themselves in a class for which they meet the prerequisites, if there is an available space. Exceptions to this are noted in the Time Schedule.
  • Transfer students whose credit has not yet posted, students who were studying abroad and whose credit has not yet posted, and students who have taken a placem ent test and whose score has not yet posted, should bring appropriate documentation of completion of the prerequisite course to the adviser in Padelford C-104F for help with registration for any open space at the appropriate level.

After Class Day 3/Before Class Day 4:

  • Students wishing to repeat a class should contact the adviser ( for help with registration. They will be added only if there is an available space.

Day 4:

  • Before classes begin, the add code restriction will be placed on courses that are offered daily (e.g. SPAN 301, 302, 323), or on a MWF schedule. Students will no longer be allowed to enroll in these classes at this point. (Courses offered twice weekly will be left open through day 7).
  • Graduate students who have received permission to be a graduate student overload in one of our language courses (301, 302, or 303) will be enrolled in the appropriate class by the adviser. 
  • Non-matriculated students, including those taking classes via the ACCESS program, should contact the adviser ( . They will be given an add code, if there are spaces available.

Day 8:

All 300- and 400-level classes will become add code only. Students will no longer be allowed to enroll in classes at this point.

If you have any questions, please contact the adviser at