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Scholarship and Fellowship Evaluations

sLanguage Evaluations and Recommendations for Scholarships and Fellowships

Important!  Plan Ahead!

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies is happy to support scholarship and fellowship applicants and recipients.  If you need a language evaluation or recommendation for a 2016-17 scholarship application or award, such as Fulbright or FLAS, you should request the evaluation no later than May 20, 2016.  Spanish and Portuguese faculty members do not work for the Department during quarter breaks, and most do not work for the Department during summer quarter.  In addition, instructors who are not administering exams during finals week are off campus.  If you make your request for a language evaluation or recommendation after May 20th, you may find that no one is available to help you, and you could miss out on your scholarship/fellowship opportunity. 

Also, please be aware that a language evaluation, or language recommendation, takes 30-45 minutes and requires an appointmentEvaluations and recommendations cannot be done on a drop-in basis, so please do not stop by an instructor’s office, expecting that an evaluation or recommendation can be completed on demand.  Be respectful of the instructor’s time, and submit your request for an appointment at least two weeks in advance of when you hope to meet with the instructor.  If you have followed these instructions and are requesting the evaluation or recommendation in a timely manner, here are the next steps:

  1. If you have taken a language class at UW Seattle within the past academic year, you should contact one of your previous language instructors to request an appointment.  Names and contact information can be found here:  With the exception of Teaching Assistants, a language instructor of any rank, may conduct the language evaluation or recommendation.
  2. All others should contact Inma Raneda-Cuartero ( to request an appointment for a Spanish language evaluation or recommendation; and Eduardo Viana da Silva ( to request an appointment for a Portuguese language evaluation or recommendation.

If you missed the May 20th deadline, and summer quarter is currently in session, there are likely only a few language instructors on campus.  If you wish to try to schedule an appointment, you should check the Department’s summer quarter time schedule, to see who is teaching language classes, and contact an instructor with your request, using the same order of priority as listed above (i.e. previous UW language instructor; Inma or Eduardo; another language instructor who is teaching during the summer).  For the best chance of finding an available faculty member, you should make your request to schedule an appointment no later than July 1, 2016.  Note that most instructors do not teach during summer quarter, and the ones who do, usually teach during A term. Between July 1st and August 5th, there are typically two or three language instructors teaching on campus, so during this period, the chances of finding an available faculty member decrease significantly.  Names and contact information can be found here:

After August 5, 2016, you may not request a language evaluation or recommendation appointment again until after the autumn 2016 quarter begins in late September.  If you find yourself in this situation:

  1. Contact the appropriate scholarship representative regarding next steps.  For FLAS, see Robyn Davis ( For Fulbright, undergraduate students and alumni should contact the Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards ( Graduate and professional students, and alumni, should contact the Office of Fellowships and Awards in the Graduate School (
  2. Contact a university that is on a semester system, such as the University of Puget Sound, or Seattle University.  Given that in a semester system, autumn classes typically start in August, you may be able to find an available language instructor at another university to conduct your language evaluation or recommendation.

Please do not contact Spanish and Portuguese staff members regarding language evaluations or recommendations.  While office staff would be delighted to assist you, it is not within their power to do so.  Staff members do not have access to faculty members’ schedules, nor can they contact instructors on your behalf during periods when they are not contracted to work for the Department.  Only instructors can conduct language evaluations and recommendations.