Minor in Portuguese Language and Luso-Brazilian Studies

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The Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies (SPS), in collaboration with the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies (JSIS), offers a Minor in Portuguese Language and Luso-Brazilian Studies.  This Minor offers a combination of Portuguese language classes (15 credits) at the intermediate/advanced level and 10 credits of elective classes with a focus in the Portuguese-speaking world. The elective classes are mostly offered in English.

Portuguese and the Luso-Brazilian world has 279 million speakers on four continents, including Africa and Asia. Brazil is home to the world’s 4th largest democracy and 8th largest economy. Scholarship opportunities are available to students of Portuguese through Boren and CLS (external links).

Students are responsible for the timely completion of their coursework for the Minor, so plan accordingly.

Declaring a Minor in Portuguese Language and Luso-Brazilian Studies:

To declare a minor in Portuguese Language and Luso-Brazilian Studies, students must declare a major first. Students must meet with their major adviser to sign off on minor declaration paperwork in order to ensure that they meet university satisfactory progress requirements.

Minor Requirements: 25 Credits

  • PORT 202, 203 and 301 (15 credits total, PORT 299 may substitute for PORT 202 or 203).
  • Minimum 10 credits from approved electives:  JSIS A 243, JSIS A 410, JSIS A 365/PORT 365, PORT 366, JSIS B 436/POL S 436, HST/LAC 482, JSIS A 355/SOC 355.
  • Minimum 15 credits at the 300-/400-level.
  • Minimum 20 Credits completed at UW.

Certain credits from other programs may also apply towards electives on approval from JSIS and/or SPS. For questions about the minor or assistance with course planning, please contact JSIS Advising or Senior Lecturer of Portuguese Eduardo Viana da Silva at evsilva@uw.edu.