Spanish Major Requirements

Need help navigating our prerequisites?  Check out this visual chart (PDF) and sample schedule (PDF).

See this page to learn how to apply to the Spanish MajorApplications to the Spanish major will only be accepted until the third Friday of the quarter (Autumn, Winter, and Spring) from all students currently enrolled at the UW. Students are not admitted to the Spanish major during Summer Quarter.

Major Requirements

A minimum of 58 credits (12 courses total) above Spanish 203 are required, as well as participation in an approved Study Abroad Program or Service Learning:

  • 15 credits: SPAN 301,302,303; or 314,315,316
    Advanced (5,5,5)
    Effective WIN 2013: 301 and 302 may be taken concurrently.

  • 5 credits: SPAN 321
    Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies
    Prerequisite for 400-level literary courses numbered 410-499.
    ***Only offered Autumn and Winter Quarters***

  • 5 credits: SPAN 322
    Introduction to Hispanic Cultural Studies
    Prerequisite for 400-level cultural studies courses numbered 410-499.
    ***Only offered Winter and Spring Quarters***

  • 5 credits: SPAN 323
    Introduction to Hispanic Linguistic Studies
    Prerequisite for 400-level courses numbered 400-409, and 498.
    ***Only offered Spring Quarter***

  • 3-5 credits: One 300-level elective literature course chosen from SPAN 304-309, 319, 336, 339, 340, 350-352, 394, or 395.

  • 25 credits: Five 400-level courses (SPAN 400-499)

    Other than SPAN 400-406, only one course whose instructional materials are primarily in English (typically cross-listed classes) may apply toward the major.

  • Participation in an approved Study Abroad Program (1 quarter minimum, any level), or 2 quarters (60 hours) of Service Learning (2 credits of SPAN 392: 30 hours per credit, 1 credit per quarter) which involves significant engagement with the Spanish-speaking community.

Restrictions: Only one course whose instructional materials are primarily in English (typically cross-listed classes) may apply to the major. SPAN 327 may not apply to the major. However, students unable to participate in a study abroad program have priority admission to 327 (not open to heritage/native speakers).

300-level Coursework Prerequisites

Prerequisite for 302: Concurrent enrollment in or completion of SPAN 301.

Prerequisite for 313: Concurrent enrollment in or completion of SPAN 301 or SPAN 314.

Prerequisites for 303: SPAN 301 and 302
Prerequisites for 304-309, 319, 331, 336, 339, 340, 350-352, 360, 394, 395: Completion of SPAN 301 or SPAN 314.

Prerequisites for 321, 322, and 323: Completion of SPAN 301 or SPAN 314. SPAN 321, 322, and 323 are stand-alone courses, and may be taken in any order.

400-level Coursework Prerequisites

Prerequisites for 400-409, and 498: SPAN 303 or 316; and one of the following courses - SPAN 323 (preferred); LING 200, or LING 400. 

Prerequisites for 410-497:  Courses with literary studies emphasis:  SPAN 303 or 316; and SPAN 321.

                                                    Courses with cultural studies emphasis:  SPAN 303 or 316; and SPAN 322.