Spring 2021 Newsletter

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With the end of the Spring quarter, we mark an entire year of online instruction and learning, a difficult period to be sure, but also one in which we have learned new ways of communicating with our students and our community.  I first want to thank all of my colleagues—faculty and staff—whose unwavering dedication to our shared educational mission has been critical to the success of our programs in the face of major challenges, both personal and professional. Like many of you, I look forward… Read more
Deb Raftus, an Associate Librarian at UW Libraries, serves as department librarian and liaison between UW Libraries and the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies. She describes her role as “serv[ing] as a point of contact to a department, to send updates about library services and news, to provide research and teaching help, to purchase library materials, and to keep abreast of departmental needs.”  In an interview over email, it becomes readily apparent that this only begins to cover… Read more
By Sabrina Spannagel Bradley An excellent career choice for graduates who major in Spanish is to become a world language teacher. The Masters In Teaching (MIT) program provides a path to teacher certification. I asked colleague Phillip Markley, PhD, about the role he plays in preparing hopeful world language teachers for the classroom. What is the MIT program? PM: The Master in Teaching (MIT) program is an advanced degree that will prepare you to be a public school teacher in grades 6-… Read more
To wrap up Winter Quarter, on March 11, 2021, Professor Tony Geist and his Spanish Translation Workshop class, SPAN 408, held a virtual Bilingual Poetry Reading as a part of the series Crossroads: A Dialogue Between the Global South and the Global North. This poetry reading was the third Crossroads event held by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies. Present at this event, along with Professor Tony Geist and the 26 Spanish students, were poets Marisa Martinez Pérsico from Argentina,… Read more
By Isabella Yasameen-Azar Undergraduate Student in Political Science During the winter quarter, Luso-Brazilian Cinema class (PORT 365/ JSIS A 365) had the pleasure of hosting two prominent Afro-Brazilian filmmakers. Students were able to enjoy the visits of several experts in film and Brazilian culture, including two of the directors of the assigned films: Vinicius Silva on January 19th, 2021, and Juliana Vicente on January 28th, 2021.  As Afro-Brazilian artists, both Vinicius and Juliana’s… Read more
The Language Learning Center in collaboration with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies is offering a Portuguese Cybersecurity Summer Camp Program at the UW for high school students. This is an opportunity for high school students in the United States to become familiarized with the principles of Cybersecurity, while learning and/or improving their Portuguese Language Skills. We are offering two online programs: an asynchronous 3-week program (July 12-30th, 2021) or a combination of… Read more