2017 Winter Newsletter

Ana Gómez-Bravo created a class about Spanish food and culture a few years ago as a way to teach the language, but found no appropriate textbook for the material — so she wrote one herself. Gómez-Bravo is a professor in the Spanish & Portuguese Studies Department. Her book “Comida y cultura en el mundo hispánico” — “… Read more
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Dalia Correa, the new Senior Academic Counselor and Graduate Program Advisor in Spanish & Portuguese Studies, wants students to know that her door is open:  “I want to be the home base that a student can go to and double check to make sure they are still on track or to come and have a conversation.  I enjoy supporting students, helping them make informed decisions and create goals for their future,” said Correa. Prior to joining Spanish & Portuguese Studies in July, Correa was the… Read more
“Even before I started my studies, the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies has been a welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment,” said Erin McCoy, who completed her MA in Hispanic Studies in Spring of 2017.  “The professors have always been available to answer questions and guide me in my studies. I’ve also been offered ample opportunities to travel and continue my studies outside the classroom, for which I will always be grateful.” McCoy had already moved to Seattle prior… Read more
A bank whose business model discourages growth. One of the most famous (and mysterious) wineries in the world. The biggest e-learning platform in Europe. A select group of students from the University of Washington was granted access to some of the most representative, powerful and singular companies in Spain as part of “Business and Cultural Dynamics in Spain,” an exploration seminar offered jointly this past Early Fall 2017 by the Spanish and Portuguese Department and the Foster School of… Read more
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The NW CÁDIZ Program released a video promoting our unique and long-running program. This program provides an authentic study abroad environment for all participants.  Over 1600 students have participated in the NW CÁDIZ program since 1998 and it is one of the most popular study abroad programs run through the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies. 
The Instituto Cervantes and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese jointly organized a workshop entitled Qué, cómo y cuándo enseñar gramática en la clase de ELE, which took place last Saturday, October 21 at the University of Washington.  Throughout six hours, Carmen Blánquez Lozano and Olga Chapado Chorro shared their expertise on the teaching of grammar in the framework of a communicative approach with 20 attendees who came from educational institutions all over the State of… Read more
Changing demographics nationally and locally lend a new urgency to our mission to study language, literatures, and cultures. Join us today as we strive to create knowledgeable and compassionate citizens, and foster in them tolerance, respect for cultural diversity, a capacity for critical thinking, and a sense of themselves as responsible members of a global community. The Friends of Spanish and Portuguese Studies Fund is an unrestricted, discretionary resource. These funds are vital in… Read more