New to the Department: Academic Advisor Dalia Correa

Submitted by Casey Colvin on

Dalia Correa, the new Senior Academic Counselor and Graduate Program Advisor in Spanish & Portuguese Studies, wants students to know that her door is open:  “I want to be the home base that a student can go to and double check to make sure they are still on track or to come and have a conversation.  I enjoy supporting students, helping them make informed decisions and create goals for their future,” said Correa.

Prior to joining Spanish & Portuguese Studies in July, Correa was the Academic Advisor in American Ethnic Studies for eight years, and has worked at University of Washington during the last three decades.

Although she is a veteran UW employee, Correa has not forgotten what it is like to be a student, especially a first-generation college student:  “Recently at an all-UW Advising workshop, we were given stats that 30% of incoming freshman are first generation college students and that 45% of transfer students are first generation college students as well.  I was once one of these students so I can relate to being in this big sea of people but yet still feel alone.”

Correa has made a few minor changes to advising since joining the department.  Students may now apply to the major at any time.  Advising hours are from 9am and 3pm, Monday through Friday.  Students without an appointment can drop-in during this time for advising on a first-come-first-served basis.  These changes support Correa’s aim of assisting students in completing their academic plans: “My goal is to try to help [students] balance it all and encourage them and inspire them to see their end goal which is a UW degree,” said Correa.

Correa also had a word to say about the utility of knowing Spanish in professional life: “Spanish language skills are useful in any and all professions, it is helpful with human relations, problem solving, communications and education and instruction.  It can be utilized from graduate studies, to law, medicine, education, business and travel.”

Dalia Correa earned a BA in Spanish at University of Washington.  She also has a Master’s in Business Administration from University of Phoenix.

By Casey Colvin