Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Editor’s Note: The Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies welcomes three new Assistant Professors in the 2021-2022 academic year. We will be profiling each of these faculty members over the course of the year. Elizabeth Hochberg is the new specialist in contemporary Latin America in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies at the University of Washington. Hochberg, who first began teaching for the department as a Teaching Associate in the summer of 2016, was hired as… Read more
“¿El lenguaje incluyente ayuda a evitar la discriminación sexual, racial, étnica o social? (…) La respuesta es no”. Bajo esa provocadora premisa se presentaba a los estudiantes de UW la conferencia de la Dra. Concepción Company Company, lingüista y escritora, investigadora emérita de la Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM) e integrante de la Academia Mexicana de la Lengua. Estos planteamientos no eran nuevos. La prestigiada académica ya los había compartido en México, donde se ha posicionado… Read more
The academic year’s first Translation Studies Colloquium, sponsored by the Simpson Center for the Humanities,  was held on October 29th, 2021 virtually, via Zoom.  In this well-attended talk, Professor Geist contextualized translation as a collaborative process evidenced in his classrooms, offering both theoretical framing and practical strategies for doing and teaching translation. He shared with the audience his experience in teaching contemporary Latin American and Spanish poets and talked… Read more
The National Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language (NSSHL) is an intellectual forum for the discussion of both the variable linguistic reality of Spanish heritage bilingualism in the United States (and elsewhere), and the diverse pedagogical needs of students of Spanish as a heritage language. Researchers and educators in K–12 and higher education share theoretical and practical approaches to the study of Spanish as a heritage language from perspectives of various disciplines, including… Read more