Spanish 201 - Collaborative Tasks

There are 5 graded tasks, one for each chapter in the book.* These tasks are completed in groups of 3 or 4 students, during the class, and on the dates scheduled on the course calendar.

4 of these 5 collaborative tasks will be part of your final grade. Your instructor will evaluate your collaborative work during the class and the final written text. Each tasks counts as 1.25% of your final grade. If you have completed the 5 tasks, you can drop the lowest grade received.

The tasks are completed collaboratively, which means that all the students in the group are responsible for all the work and will therefore receive the same grade. You can work with different students on different tasks.


VERY IMPORTANT: There are absolutely no make-ups for this activity. If you are not in class on the date scheduled for a task, you will receive a zero grade in that particular task.

*Summer courses have 4 collaborative tasks instead of 5. All 4 tasks will be part of your final grade. Each tasks counts as 2.5% of your final grade.