Learning Goals

Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate oral, writing, and reading proficiency at the Advanced Level as defined by ACTFL standards. Means of assessment: 1) Modified oral proficiency exam, 2) writing and reading assignments in 400-level courses evaluated using ACTFL standards.

Outcome 2: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the cultures of Spain, Spanish America and US Latinos. Means of assessment: 1) course assignments at the 400-level.

Outcome 3: Students will demonstrate linguistic and cultural proficiency in the 5 C's for language studies in Spanish as defined by the National Foreign Language Standards. Means of assessment: 1) demonstration of ability to comply with NFLS requirements at the 400-level, as assessed by Spanish faculty.

Outcome 4: Students will demonstrate knowledge of terminology and concepts related to the study of literature and literary criticism and will be able to apply them to the critical analysis of works from Spain, Spanish America, and US Latinos. Means of assessment: 1) critical essays submitted in 400-level courses.

Outcome 5: Students will demonstrate the ability to interact compassionately, intelligently, and insightfully with other cultures, particularly those of the Spanish-speaking world. Means of assessment: 1) Survey on attitudes for seniors, 2) Survey of alumni on attitudes and experiences after graduation.

Outcome 6: Students will demonstrate competence necessary for continued graduate study and/or employment in a variety of fields related to the Spanish language and literary and cultural studies. Means of assesement: 1) Alumni surveys regarding placement.