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Spanish 201 - Homework: "Prepárate" Activities

The Prepárate activities you are required to complete as homework before the beginning of class count as 5% of the final course grade.

These Prepárate activities will be evaluated as satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

Prepárate activities are intended to help you prepare for class. You need to complete the Prepárate activities assigned by your teacher before the beginning of each class in order to be able to participate effectively in it. To complete these activities successfully you will also need to study the Recursos lingüísticos pages assigned by your teacher. Remember that this course follows a flipped classroom approach, which means you are responsible to study grammar and vocabulary outside the class, as part of your daily homework.

Homework activities will not be accepted after the due date without a valid reason. If there is a reason why you cannot submit your homework on time, you need to let your teacher know as soon as possible. If you are sick, let your teacher know via email. You should NOT provide medical documentation as proof of short-term illness to justify late homework.

Remember that, according to University of Washington regulations, a 5-credit class is equivalent to 15 hours of student work per week. Since this course meets 5 times per week, you are expected to devote an average of 2 hours per day to study and homework. Summer courses are intensive courses that meet two hours per day; per UW regulations, you are expected to devote an additional four hours per day to study and homework. Plan your schedule accordingly.