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Spanish 203 - Oral Exam

There is an oral exam, completed in Zoom, at the end of the quarter. This exam consists of a conversation between you and one of your classmates moderated by your instructor. It will last for about 15 minutes and will focus on one of the topics discussed in the videos of the FLASH CULTURA section and/or the readings in the IMAGINA section:

  • IMAGINA: Chile. Rompecabezas de maravillas
  • FLASH CULTURA: Puerto Rico: ¿nación o estado?
  • IMAGINA: Bolivia y Paraguay. Historia y naturaleza
  • FLASH CULTURA: El mundo del trabajo
  • IMAGINA: Perú. Lima: el encanto de la historia
  • FLASH CULTURA: Inventos argentinos
  • IMAGINA: Argentina y Uruguay: diversiones para todos
  • FLASH CULTURA: Lo mejor de Argentina
  • IMAGINA: España. Confluencia de civilizaciones
  • FLASH CULTURA: Machu Picchu: encanto y misterio

The purpose of this activity is to evaluate your spontaneous speaking ability as well as your research on the region and topic selected for the conversation.

This activity requires you to find out information about your topic and to explain and discuss it in an informative and conversational way. You will need to look for information in:

  • Books and academic journals.
  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Reliable websites, such as those owned by universities, educational institutions, government agencies, NGOs, or other organizations with a trustworthy reputation.

Your teacher will want to know where you found the information to prepare for the conversation so please come to the exam prepared to show a list of at least 3 publications or websites that you have consulted.

Since this is a conversation you should not just wait for the teacher to ask you questions. You can ask questions yourself, to your teacher and/or to your partner.

You will be assessed on your spontaneous speaking ability, which means you cannot memorize sentences. You will not have access to note cards or any written material during the conversation. Try to focus on general information that is interesting and easy to remember.

VERY IMPORTANT: The oral exam will take place outside the class, either during exams week or during the last week of the course. Once you and your partner have agreed on the topic of the conversation, you need to set a date, time, and location with your instructor.

VERY IMPORTANT: You must be present and ready at your assigned time. NO MAKE-UPS ALLOWED.

This activity is worth 5% of your course grade. Each member will be graded individually based on both individual contributions and interactions with the group. Each member must participate!

Please see the evaluation form for grade breakdown.

ORAL EXAM EVALUATION FORM. Your teacher will use this form to grade your oral exam. You are responsible for printing this form and handing it in to your teacher before the beginning of the exam.