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Spanish 203 - Moderated Discussion

In groups of 4 (or as determined by the teacher), students will be in charge of organizing, moderating, and leading the discussion of a reading previously assigned by the teacher. This activity represents 5% of the final class grade. The documentation of and preparation for the topic will be evaluated, as well as the students’ capacity to propose interesting and pertinent questions that incite discussion and active class participation.




  • In groups of 4 (or as determined by the teacher), students come to an agreement with the instructor about the reading that they will present and the day on which they will present it (consulting the course calendar).
  • Research on the subject: the students in charge of moderating the discussion need to do some research on the text in order to be ready to respond to any possible question from their classmates and teacher during the discussion.
  • Preparing the discussion: the group of students in charge of moderating the discussion will prepare a list of 15 questions and/or activities to bring to class. These questions and/or activities will serve as a guide for the discussion, and therefore should be relevant and interesting enough to generate conversation and class participation. The students should present their questions to the teacher at least 5 DAYS BEFORE the class discussion. After revising the questions according to the teacher’s comments and suggestions, the students will distribute them to the rest of their classmates 3 DAYS BEFORE the discussion.


  • Part 1: Moderated discussion. The class will be divided into 4 groups consisting of 4-5 people, and each of the 4 students presenting will work with one of these groups. For 20-25 minutes, the presenting students will moderate a discussion of the reading within these groups. They will introduce their prepared questions and make sure that each member of the group participates.
  • Part 2: Whole class discussion. The instructor will also propose questions in order to clarify the ideas put forth by the students.


Preparation: 60 points
  • The student has prepared the discussion. The student has proposed a list of questions and/or activities that are relevant and interesting for everybody in the class.
  • The student has done enough research on the topic to be able to answer their peers and teacher's questions.
Discussion: 40 points
  • The student was able to organize and lead a lively discussion. All students in the group participated actively, showing interest in the questions proposed by the student.
  • The student was able to successfully moderate the small group discussion. All students in the group had opportunities to share their opinions and contribute to the discussion.
  • The student was able to answer the teacher's questions about the reading and/or discussion in the small groups.