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Spanish 203 - Exams

There are 5 in-class written exams, one at the end of each chapter in the book. The exams will reflect the activities done in and out of class. They will focus primarily on the content of the chapter, but, since language learning is cumulative, they may also include material from previous chapters. You are responsible for all previously learned material. 

Each exam will count as 8% of your final grade. There will be no final exam.

Written exams are completed in class, on the dates posted on the course calendar.

Make-ups will be given only in case of justified absences and, whenever possible, must be arranged with the teacher before the date of the exam.

If you are missing a quiz or exam because your are sick, let your teacher know, via email, as soon as possible. You should NOT provide medical documentation as proof of short-term illness to justify your absence.

If you are a student athlete, in the national guard, or are missing a quiz or exam because of a UW mandatory academic activity, you need to provide your instructor with proper documentation.

Your work schedule is not a justified reason to miss a quiz or exam.

Personal trips or vacations are not a justified reason to miss a quiz or exam.

If you are a DRS student or need religious accommodations, please visit the main page of the course syllabus for more detailed information on UW policies and resources.