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Casa Latina Community Connections - SPS and Casa Latina December 22, 2020
Crossroads Crossroads. Anti-Racism and Racial Literacy in Brazil December 18, 2020
WAFTL SPS Faculty Collaborate for Remote Conference November 17, 2020
Farris Anderson Remembering Farris Anderson November 12, 2020
Eduardo da Silva Spanish and Portuguese Faculty Receives the WAFLT "2020 Teacher of the Year Award" for Language Teaching October 30, 2020
UW Students The Voice of Indigenous and Heritage Speaker Students at the UW October 23, 2020
Sabrina Spannagel-Bradley Embracing the New Frontier of Online Teaching October 9, 2020
Dr. David William Foster (1940-2020) In Memoriam: Dr. David William Foster July 6, 2020
Samuel Jaffee Teaching Spanish: A Multi-Day "Finale" Instead of a Final Exam June 4, 2020
Letter From the Chair June 2, 2020
Brianna Salinas in Leni K. Student Spotlight: Brianna Salinas June 1, 2020
Chiara DeSantis Spanish Graduate Named a UW Husky 100 in 2020 May 21, 2020
Zoom Meeting Image SPS Adapts to All-Online Teaching May 7, 2020
In Memoriam In Memoriam: Dr. Stella Moreno Monroy April 16, 2020
Husky Giving Day is April 2nd Husky Giving Day is April 2nd February 26, 2020
Dr. Carlos Varón González Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Carlos Varón González February 25, 2020
Campo Sur, Cadiz, Spain New Summer Study Abroad Program to Cadiz, Spain February 20, 2020
Cover of the Book Cartographies Of Madrid Scholars Discuss Cartographies Of Madrid February 18, 2020
Dr. Sarah Thomas, Brown University Killing Children in Spanish Cinema January 21, 2020
Dr. Brendan Lanctot Dr. Lanctot Presents on La ciudad letrada November 20, 2019
Maria Gillman with 2019 WAFLT award winners Principal Lecturer Gillman Receives 2019 WAFLT Award November 20, 2019
Senior Lecturers Marilis Mediavilla and Sabrina Spannagel presented at the 2019 WAFLT Conference Active Faculty Present at Conferences October 28, 2019
Sarah Slack in São Paulo Portuguese Minor Studies in São Paulo on Grant September 30, 2019
Student Sarah McKay with SPS Faculty Student Presents “Palabras en acción” Honors Project June 10, 2019
Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies Give to Spanish & Portuguese Studies May 30, 2019