Senior Lecturer Inma Raneda-Cuartero Receives Distinguished Teaching Award

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Inma Raneda-Cuartero

Inma Raneda-Cuartero, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies, has been awarded a University of Washington 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award, a recognition bestowed by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

“I am greatly humbled and honored,” said Raneda-Cuartero.  “It is a great honor to have my teaching and pedagogy contributions as well as my service beyond the classroom being recognized by the University of Washington and by my students. [...] For me, teaching is a privilege and a responsibility, and finding myself a recipient of such a prestigious award is an honor. This is indeed great news, but not only for me but also for the Spanish and Portuguese Department as well.”

The award letter issued by the Center for Teaching and Learning stated that Raneda-Cuartero’s colleagues “…spoke highly of the dynamic of [her] classes where students find themselves engaging the course material through lively peer-to-peer debates, oral presentations, and reflective activities.   The letter further recognized Raneda-Cuartero as “…an incredible mentor and colleague who will go above and beyond for the sake of others success.”

“Inma is a driven, committed, and popular instructor. She is meticulous in everything she does, and one of the most dynamic and reliable teachers among our faculty. Her devotion to students learning, and her role as mentor for many of them, is truly admirable,” said Acting Chair Lauro Flores.

One faculty member spoke highly of Raneda-Cuartero’s performance as a mentor:  “[Raneda-Cuartero]’s work has gone above and beyond that expected of a Lecturer or Senior Lecturer…She has been a strong student mentor, directing several undergraduate theses inside and outside the department,” said Associate Professor Leigh Mercer.

Another of Raneda-Cuartero’s colleagues summed up the views of many department faculty: “Inma is a dedicated and imaginative teacher. She is highly motivated and hardworking, and has a strong inner drive. She is beloved by her students, who appreciate her work inside and outside of the classroom, and appreciate her help, which goes well beyond the specific class content" said Professor Ana Gómez-Bravo.

Raneda-Cuartero sees the award as a recognition of a long career spent in the service of the production and transmission of the Spanish Language and Spanish culture:  “This award means the world to me; it is a culmination of 20 years of dedication and hard work teaching Spanish language and culture at the University of Washington.”

Receiving the award gives Raneda-Cuartero additional motivation to continue her efforts: “This award gives me the strength and encouragement to continue helping my current and future students learn and appreciate the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and to prepare them to engage effectively and respectfully in an ever increasing pluralistic American society and an interconnected world.”

The University of Washington Center for Teaching and Learning website states that Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients “…are chosen based on a variety of criteria including but not limited to mastery of the subject matter; ability to engage students both within and outside of the classroom; and innovations in course and curriculum design.”

Raneda-Cuartero has been a member of the faculty in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies since 1997, and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2013.  She is also the 300-level language program coordinator for the department.

By Casey Colvin