Bate-Papo: An Introduction to Portuguese

Bate-Papo: An Introduction to Portuguese
Viana da Silva, Eduardo. Bate-Papo: An Introduction to Portuguese. Press Books UW Libraries: Seatlle, WA.

This e-book was developed having in mind university students who speak English as their first language. We also took into consideration speakers of Spanish by highlighting some key similarities and differences between the two languages. Although this material was developed for university students, we hope that most of its content is also applicable to high school students, adolescents, and adults learning Portuguese, including immigrants in Brazil.

The main focus of this edition is on Brazilian Portuguese. Occasionally, we highlight main differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese. This e-book emphasizes meaningful communicative activities for a classroom setting. A workbook version is available on Creative Commons on Canvas.

The title of the book bate-papo means ‘chat’ in Portuguese. Click here to access the book with Press Books - UW Libraries.

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