Portuguese for Spanish Speakers

Portuguese for Spanish Speakers - PORT 105 (Winter and Summer)

PORT 105 Flyer


This is a course aimed at those Spanish speaking students who wish to attain a working knowledge of Portuguese, and the objective conditions will be created whereby all students can have a successful learning experience. Port 105 combines the content of three classes: Port 101, Port 102, and Port 103. This course focuses on the similarities and differences between Spanish and Portuguese. Students will:

  • develop some basic communicative skills.
  • start to understand simple ideas expressed by other speakers.
  • use Portuguese to communicate simple ideas about self, family, study, work, daily routines, leisure activities, houses, furniture, chores, and health.
  • interact with authentic Portuguese texts on a variety of simple subjects.
  • attain an increased awareness of and cultural sensitivity to the Portuguese language.
  • gain knowledge of some social and historical aspects of the Portuguese-speaking world.
  • learn more about the Portuguese-speaking communities in Seattle.

 Syllabus - PORT 105 (PDF)

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