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Spanish 201 - Oral Exam

There is one oral exam during the last week of the quarter (FALL 2020: The oral exam will be completed in Zoom, during the last week of classes). This exam consists in a conversation between you and one of your classmates moderated by your instructor. It will last for about 15 minutes. The purpose of this activity is to evaluate your spontaneous speaking ability and your investigation of a previously selected topic related to a Spanish-speaking country.

Throughout the quarter, your instructor will give you more detailed information about the topic and format of the oral exam.

ORAL EXAM EVALUATION FORM (PDF). It is each student’s responsibility to print the form at the bottom of this page and bring it to his/her oral exam.

VERY IMPORTANT: The oral exam may take place outside the class. You will arrange the date, time, and location with your instructor. If you miss your appointment you will receive a zero.

VERY IMPORTANT: The topic needs to be approved by your instructor before the exam.