Spanish 103 - Homework: Interactive Activities

The Interactive Activities you will complete as homework in The Spanish Hub count as 10% of your final grade.

This grade will be updated on your Canvas Gradebook four times, once at the end of each chapter.

Your teacher will assign homework from the Interactive Activities book in The Spanish Hub almost on a daily basis. It is your responsibility to complete these activities before the due date, whether you are present in class or not. Do not wait until the last moment to do The Spanish Hub activities and make sure you have access to the necessary equipment to complete all activities, including listening and recording tasks.

Your teacher may discount up to 10% in the grade of any activity submitted after the due date with no justified reason. If there is a reason why you cannot submit your homework on time, you need to let your teacher know as soon as possible.

Remember that, according to University of Washington regulations, a 5-credit class is equivalent to 15 hours of student work per week. Since this course meets 5 times per week, you are expected to devote an average of 2 hours per day to study and homework. Plan your schedule accordingly.