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Spanish 103 - Homework Activities

In addition to the MySpanishLab, your teacher will assign you a series of "Para entregar" homework activities. These activities will count as 10% of the course grade and will be submitted on Canvas.

Instructions and due dates for these homework activities will be given in class and posted on Canvas. You are responsible for completing these activities by the due date, whether you are present in class or not. These activities will be evaluated as satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

The reading tasks, based on the readings in the A leer section of each chapter, will be part of these homework activities and therefore will count towards your homework grade. Instructions for each of the five reading tasks you will complete in this course will be given in class.

Homework activities will not be accepted after the due date without a justified reason. During COVID-19, justified reasons include: illness, internet outage, and taking care of dependents (sick family members, school-age children at home...). If there is a reason why you cannot submit your reading tasks on time, you need to let your teacher know as soon as possible.