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Spanish 101 - Speaking tasks

You will complete three speaking tasks in this course, one per chapter.

The three speaking tasks count as 10% of your final grade.

Each speaking task will consist of a video recorded conversation between you and one of your classmates. Your teacher will give you instructions in class about the nature of each of conversation, their duration, and the due dates.

Each member will be graded individually based on both individual contributions and interactions with the group. Each member must participate!

Due dates for the speaking tasks are posted on the course calendar. Submissions will not be accepted after the due date without a justified reason. Please check the dates on the course calendar and make sure you make the necessary arrangements on your own calendar to be able to submit your video recording on time.

If you cannot submit your video recording on the due date because of a justified reason, let your teacher know as soon as possible to discuss possible alternatives. During COVID-19, justified reasons include: illness, internet outage, and taking care of dependents (sick family members, school-age children at home...)