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Spanish 102 - Collaborative Tasks

There are 5 graded collaborative tasks, one for each chapter in the book. These tasks are completed in groups of 3 students. Each task involves a collaboratively written text that will be completed by the three students, outside class time, using Google docs.

These tasks are completed collaboratively, which means that all the students in the group are responsible for all the work and will therefore receive the same grade. You can work with different students on different tasks.

Each task counts as 2.5% of the final grade. If a student has completed the 5 tasks, they can drop the lowest grade received.

Due dates for collaborative tasks are posted on the course calendar. Instructions on the content and format of each task will be given in class, the day before their due date. 

If you cannot complete the first draft and/or final version of your composition on the due dates because of a justified reason, let your teacher know as soon as possible to discuss possible alternatives. During COVID-19, justified reasons include: illness, internet outage, and taking care of dependents (sick family members, school-age children at home...). 


The collaboratively written text will be graded on content, organization, grammar, vocabulary and mechanics.

Content: 0-20 points
Organization: 0-20 points
Grammar of the chapter: 0-25 points
Vocabulary of the chapter: 0-25 points
Mechanics: 0-10 points

VERY IMPORTANT: The collaboratively written text will be completed in Google docs. Students will give access to their Google doc to the teacher, who may check the editing history of the document and/or use a software like DocuViz or AuthorViz to make sure all students participated actively in the production of the text. If there is evidence that one student did not participate in the collaborative writing process, this student will receive a ZERO.