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Lorca, Borges, Garro, Cortázar

A number of interesting courses are offered in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies Spring Quarter.  Some of these classes are special topics that may only be offered once, while others are offered by the department on a rotational basis.  The list below is a summary of some the featured classes we will be offering.

SPAN 306: Spanish Literature 1681 to Present

A survey course, SPAN 306 offers students an introduction to the literature of Modern Peninsular Spain from the 18th Century to the Present.  Students will also develop a critical vocabulary enabling them to speak formally about narrative, poetry, and theatrical works, and write analytical essays in Spanish.  Featured authors may include Galdós, Carmen De Burgos, Lorca and Manuel Rivas.

Professor:  Leigh Mercer T Th, 12:00-1:20, 3 credits.  Course Taught in Spanish

SPAN 395: Special Topics in Latin American Literature – Elena Garro

Perhaps Mexico’s most important female writer of the 20th century, Elena Garro (1916-1998) weaves together memories of the conquest and what came before, the echoes of Mexico’s violent twentieth century, and the contrast between modern Mexico City and the countryside. The course will examine conflicts of class, race and gender as represented in her works. It will also analyze the author’s literary techniques (surrealism, the fantastic, magical realism) and her contributions to Mexican theatre.

Instructor:  Iliana Villanueva M W, 12:30-1:50, 3 credits.  Course Taught in Spanish

SPAN 410: Creative Writing in Spanish

El Taller de creación, SPAN 410 es para estudiantes del último año (puede haber excepciones, como siempre las hay en el arte) que estén seguros de su devoción artística y, más que nada, de su redacción.  El último día habrá un recital del grupo con invitados y un excelente despliegue gastronómico.

Professor:  Edgar O’Hara T Th, 11:30-1:20, 5 credits.  Course Taught in Spanish

SPAN 447:  Modern Latin American Theatre

This course offers a survey of trends in 20th century Spanish American drama and studies performance, gesture, monologue and dialogue as discourses that negotiate political representation of underrepresented social groups.  Featured authors may include Usigli, Carballido, Triana, Sánchez, Gambaro, Dragún, Discépolo, Díaz and Wolff. Projects may include collective dramatic representations.

Instructor:  Samuel Jaffee M W 1:30-3:20, 5 credits.  Course Taught in Spanish

SPAN 492:  Special Topics in Latin American Literature – Spanish American Investigations

This course studies stories, films, and novellas from 20th-century Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico with unsolvable, illogical or fantastical mysteries at their heart. Featured authors will include Peri Rossi, Valenzuela, Borges, Cortázar, Fuentes, Rulfo as well as films by Francisco Vargas and Juan Jose Campanella. Students will respond to these mysteries with unsolvable creative texts of their own, which the class will attempt to investigate.

Instructor:  Samuel Jaffee T Th W 9:30-11:30, 5 credits.  Course Taught in Spanish

Additional Content Provided by Edgar O'Hara, Leigh Mercer, Iliana Villanueva and Samuel Jaffee

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