Spanish for Health Professionals | New Program Begins Winter 2015

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Approved by the UW Spanish & Portuguese Studies Division and developed in partnership with the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Program Overview

Strengthen your intermediate-level Spanish skills in reading, writing, conversation and comprehension for healthcare settings. Learn and practice Spanish vocabulary and grammar related to each step of the clinical process, including scheduling appointments, intake of patient medical history, diagnosis and treatment, and prevention. Study specialized vocabulary and grammar pertaining to emergencies, maternity and pediatrics, and surgery. Be able to write clearly in Spanish about common medical subjects.

Key Outcome

Develop more fluid and precise Spanish skills for the health care arena, including your ability to read, write,
speak and understand Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

Program Features

  • Option to take for undergraduate credit or noncredit CEUs
  • Field trips to Spanish-speaking clinical settings
  • Guest speakers who have deep experience in the field

Who Should Apply

  • Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, social workers and hospice workers who use Spanish in their jobs
  • Individuals working in health administration, health insurance and related fields who interact with Spanish-speaking populations and information in Spanish
  • Current students in health-related fields such as medicine, nursing, dentistry, health education and global health who may need Spanish for their work

Course Titles

  • Intermediate Spanish for Health Professionals I (Single Course Enrollment Eligible)
  • Intermediate Spanish for Health Professionals II
  • Intermediate Spanish for Health Professionals III

Program Starts
Winter Quarter 2015

Classroom – 3 hours evening & 1 site visit


All applicants will need to include proof of their Spanish level in the application

$800 per course non-credit
$1,311 per course undergraduate credit

Kate Lorenzen
206-685-8936 or 888-469-6499

View UW Spanish for Health Professional Flyer (PDF)