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SPAN 103 C: Elementary Spanish

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MTWThF 9:40am - 11:50am
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Samuel Jaffee

Syllabus Description:

Spanish 103 - Elementary Spanish Course Description

Profesor: Samuel Jaffee
Trimestre: VERANO 2021 B Term
Horario: 9:40 a 11:50 VÍA ZOOM
Horas de consulta (Office hours) VÍA ZOOM por cita, despues de clase

Meeting ID: 985 346 044 37

We will meet at this Zoom link for class each day.  No password necessary.



Active learning requires students to participate in class, as opposed to sitting and listening quietly. Strategies include, but are not limited to, brief question-and-answer sessions, discussion integrated into the lecture, impromptu writing assignments, hands-on activities and experiential learning events.”  (UW Center for Teaching and Learning)



SPANISH 103 is the third course of the First-Year Spanish Language Program at the University of Washington. It is part of a sequence of three elementary-level language courses (SPAN 101, 102, and 103) designed to develop basic communication skills in both oral and written Spanish. By introducing the learner to the rich culture of the Spanish-speaking world, including the Hispanic/Latinx communities in the U.S., this course aims also to develop students’ intercultural knowledge and understanding.

This course is open to students who have completed Spanish 102, Spanish 110, Spanish 122, or scored a minimum of 3 in each of the four sections (reading, writing, listening and speaking) of the placement test.

For information on registration policies and procedures click HERE.
For information on registration policies and procedures contact the Humanities Academic Services Center.


Required Materials:

Textbook (physical book or digital e-book) with The Spanish Hub online website access:

  • Contreras, F., Pérez, J. & Rosales, V. (2020). Proyectos I. An introductory and intermediate Spanish course. Difusión SL.  Student book and access to The Spanish Hub (online website access).

You can get your book at the UW Bookstore or at
 (Links to an external site.)

You can choose to buy the digital only book (digital book + The Spanish Hub online website access) or the bundle (printed book + digital book + The Spanish Hub). We recommend you get the bundle, that includes the printed book. 

Note that in SPAN 103 we will cover chapters 7-10 in the book.


In addition to Proyectos I and The Spanish Hub online website access, you will need:


1. Computer with microphone and camera, and a functioning Internet connection.


Much of our time in SPAN 103 will be structured conversation activities in small groups or pairs.  There is no way to communicate if you and your classmates cannot see one another.  For this reason it is essential that you turn on your camera.  If you do not plan to use your camera, I recommend that you take the course another time.


You may borrow computer equipment through the UW Student Technology Loan Program:


2. Zoom videoconferencing program, free and easily downloadable with a link I will provide.


3. Microsoft Word, available here free:

4. Spanish- English dictionary, required for use each day in class, useful for homework, and is critical for your success in mastering reading, writing, and more advanced vocabulary. Merriam-Webster, University of Chicago, Oxford, New World, Larousse and Harper-Collins dictionaries are all recommended.

Free online Spanish-Spanish dictionary of the Real Academia Española is at




  • All of the Homework (“Tarea para casa”) is to be completed and turned in by 9:30 am on the day indicated on the course calendar.
  • Homework has two components: “Prepárate” activities (in your Proyectos textbook or e-book) and “The Spanish Hub” (TSH) activities (on
  • To see the “Prepárate” homework, see calendar below or Canvas Assignments for each class day.
  • To see the “The Spanish Hub” (TSH) homework, create an account on and access this class (SPAN 103 C Su21) using the class code CL28512492. See “My Messages.”
  • Turn in the “Prepárate” activities in Canvas Assignments (in JPG, DOC, DOCX, or PDF format). You may take screenshots and upload them. Or you may copy/paste your work in a Word or PDF document. Or you may make a mix of screenshots and a Word or PDF document.  “Prepárate” homework done completely, conscientiously, and on time will receive full credit of 5 points per assignment.
  • Turn in the “The Spanish Hub” (TSH) activities on The Spanish Hub ( This homework is graded automatically. You may check your completion at


















Incomplete grades will NOT be granted in this course.
0.7 is the minimum grade needed to pass SPANISH 103.
2.0 is the minimum grade needed in SPANISH 103 to fulfill the foreign language requirement.

Students' Responsibilities

As a student in this class, it is your responsibility to:

  • Attend class every day. The class will meet in Zoom at the time scheduled for the class. The Zoom link for your class and instructions on how to use Zoom are available on Canvas.
  • Participate in all classroom activities, making an effort to use Spanish as much as possible.
  • Come to class always prepared, having read and studied the materials assigned by your instructor.
  • Submit all assignments on the due date, regardless of whether you are present in class or not.
  • Contact a classmate when missing a class to get updated on classroom activities and assignments. You are responsible for all material presented in class and all assigned homework, whether you are present in class or not.
  • Check your email every day and visit the course webpage regularly to keep updated on important class information and changes on due dates.
  • Follow common courtesy norms and turn off your cellular phone before class begins.

Spanish is the language of communication in the class, from day one. English will be kept to a minimum by both the teacher and the students.

You will have access to your grades via Gradebook throughout the entire term. It is your responsibility to make sure the information on your Gradebook is correct and updated. It there is a problem with a grade, you should contact your instructor as soon as possible.

Remember that your teacher is available outside class to answer any question you may have concerning either the content of the course or your performance on it. If you think you need extra help or have problems with any aspect of the course, make sure to contact them before it is too late. If their office hours do not work for you, schedule an appointment at a different time. Do not discuss personal issues with your teacher during class time.

As a student of the University of Washington you are expected to practice high standards of academic and professional honesty and integrity, to be informed of the Student Conduct Code, and to follow it.
To learn about the Student Conduct Code, related policies, student conduct process, and other related information please visit:

Students who engage in academic misconduct as described in the Student Conduct Code (cheating, falsification, plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, multiple submissions, etc.) will be reported to the Director of Community Standards & Student Conduct.

UW policies and resources

Students with either permanent or temporary disabilities should contact the DRS office: 011 Mary Gates, Box 352808, (206) 543-8924,
If you have a letter from Disabled Student Services, please present this letter to your instructor at the beginning of the quarter so they can provide the necessary academic accommodations.
Information about disability resources for students may be found at

Washington state law requires that UW develop a policy for accommodation of student absences or significant hardship due to reasons of faith or conscience, or for organized religious activities. The UW's policy including more information about how to request an accommodation, is available at Religious Accommodation Policy. Accommodations must be requested within the first two weeks of this course using the Religious Accommodations Request form.

Additional resources for Students

Language Learning Center

Internet resources

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Methods and objectives are primarily oral-aural. Third in a sequence of three. Prerequisite: either SPAN 102, SPAN 110 or score of 45-69 on SP100A placement test. Cannot be taken for credit if SPAN 123 already taken.
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