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Spring Quarter Program in León, Spain

For students who have completed SPAN 103, 123, 134, 201, or students who have placed into SPAN 201 or 202
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Application Deadline: 
January 15, 2020


Program Description


During Spring Quarter 2020, the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies will take a group of motivated students to León, Spain, to live with local families and study Spanish language at the University of Washington's newly renovated Palacio Conde Luna Study Center.


Dates of the program will be March 28, 2020 - June 12, 2020.


While enrolled in this program, students will complete the following courses:

  • SPAN 201 and 202 OR 202 and 203 - Intermediate Spanish (total of 10 credits)
  • SPAN 292- Service Learning (1 credit, graded CR/NC only)
  • SPAN 299- Spanish Culture and History (5 credits)

IMPORTANT: All courses are required and receive a numerical grade, with the exception of SPAN 292- Service Learning.


Students can take a maximum of 15 credits towards the major in Spanish, a maximum of 12 credits towards the minor in Spanish, and 10 credits in Spanish for General Studies credit, through study abroad program.

Excursions & Other Activities

Students will take guided tours of places of interest in the city of Leon, as well as participate in group excursions throughout the region of Castilla and León and Northern Spain.  Access will be provided to University of León sports facilities, library, and computer labs, and students will have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular Spanish cooking classes.

Housing Information

Participants will be placed individually with local families within walking distance of the UW Leon Center. Three meals per day will be provided. This housing arrangement allows students to be immersed in the local culture and have the opportunity to speak only Spanish for the duration of the program.


Participants must provide proof of health/accident insurance coverage. Please refer to the UW Study Abroad Office Health Insurance webpage for information regarding health insurance while studying abroad.

Eligibility & Application

Eligibility Requirements

Completion of SPAN 103, 123, 134, 201, or placement into either SPAN 201 or 202, prior to Spring Quarter 2020.

IMPORTANT: If you are currently enrolled in or have completed Spanish 202 or higher you are NOT eligible for this program.

Application Procedure

To apply to the program, please visit The UW Study Abroad Office webpage for the program and click on the Apply Now button.

Financial & Enrollment Information

Program Fees

The total cost of the program (including a room, three meals a day with a Spanish family, and program overhead) will be approximately $8,256. This amount includes everything EXCEPT round-trip airfare, local transportation (except for the group excursions), passport, health insurance, $450 UW Study Abroad Office fee, and pocket money.

Payment Schedule

Please visit the UW Study Abroad Office webpage for the program to see the payment schedule.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Undergraduates who intend to study abroad are encouraged to apply for the Fritz Undergraduate Scholarship for Study Abroad and the Global Opportunities Scholarship for Study Abroad.

Students seeking further information on financial aid and scholarships for foreign study should visit the UW Study Abroad Office Financial Aid webpage, or request the Financial Aid outline from the UW Study Abroad Office. In addition, students may reference the UW Scholarship Office website for more information on general and foreign study scholarships. Students will maintain their eligibility to receive most forms of UW student financial aid while participating in this program, provided that they concurrently enroll.

Contact Information

Questions about the program can be answered by:

Tony Geist
Padelford Hall, B-232
(206) 543-5629
AND Sabrina Spannagel Bradley
Padelford Hall, B-217
(206) 616-4397
Program Status: