Spanish Mexico: Windows to Oaxaca - Migratory Impacts and Leadership on Sustainable Developments Goals

The prerequisite for this program is successful completion of Span 203, 216 or have 300 level or higher proficiency in Spanish by the end of Summer 2021.
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Summer 2022
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¡Vive Oaxaca!

TERM C: Aug. 21 to Sept. 17, 2022
Credits: 5 for SPAN 393

Oaxaca is one of the most interesting and diverse states in Mexico, with 1/3 of its residents speaking one of 16 different indigenous languages.  Oaxaca celebrates its diverse culture with traditional music and dance, art and rich cuisine.

Home stays will provide the students a unique study abroad experience and the opportunity to exchange ideas and practice their Spanish. The students will learn from local, sociology professors about migration patterns among indigenous and mestizos from Oaxaca, within Mexico and the effects and impacts in the local communities when they leave the country and head North, to the US. Furthermore, students will learn about sustainable development, how interest-free micro-loans help women start or expand their small businesses, which could be anything from weaving rugs to raising chickens, making tortillas, or selling flowers in the local market. Students will have a chance to come in direct contact with these women and visit their communities through “Fundación En Vía” and have an authentic cultural experience.

All classes will be held at the prestigious and renowned Instituto Cultural Oaxaca (ICO), the oldest language school in Oaxaca city. It is located on the grounds of a beautiful 19th Century estate. Participants in this program will be able to visit archaeological and historical sites in Oaxaca city and its surroundings.

Finally,the students will celebrate the Mexican Independence Day in the City Center.

Application Deadline: 2/15/2022
Decision Date: 2/27/2022
TERM C: Aug. 21 to Sept. 17, 2022
Credits: 5 for SPAN 393
Approx. Cost: $3860 (without Airfare)

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