People On the Move to Europe – Free Will or Global Phenomenon/Personas en movimiento hacia Europa – ¿modelo propio o global?

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Summer 2022
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This seminar will be offered Summer 2022 Term A, and will take place mainly in Seville.  Students will analyze different aspects of human mobility to Europe and its impact on the host society in the short, medium, and long term. Students will also be able to directly visit progressive immigration assistance centers working towards the incorporation of immigrants into Spanish Society. These centers inlcude: Comité de ayuda al refugiado (CEAR), Andalucía/Sevilla Acoge, among others. While in the region of Andalucía, students will learn about the rich Andalusian culture—its architecture, music, and heritage. Taking advantage of open-air classrooms in which we can touch, feel, hear, and taste Andalusia, will allow us to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of our own heritage. Besides Sevilla, we will also visit World Heritage Sites in Córdoba, Granada and finish our Seminar in Madrid. All lectures will be in Spanish, led by experts in the Immigration and Andalusian culture.


June 18, 2022. 19 to July 20, 2022, roughly during Summer A-Term.


12 credits (6 for SPAN 393 -VLPA, 5 for Span 328 –VLPA/I&S, 1 for SPAN 393—VLPA.  Note: per Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies policy, students can take a maximum of 15 credits towards the major in Spanish, a maximum of 12 credits towards the minor in Spanish, and 10 credits in Spanish for General Studies credit, through study abroad program.


Approximate cost: $4700.00 (Airfare not Included).

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María Gillman, Program Director
AND Teresa Ramón Joffré, Program Co-leader
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