Spanish 101 - Extra Credit

You can complete 1 optional, extra credit activity during the quarter. This activity counts as 1% that will be added to your final grade.*

In order to receive extra credit you need to attend a cultural event related to the Spanish-speaking world and write a 200-word reflection paper in English. Examples of events you can attend are speaker talks, concerts, art exhibitions, theater plays, film festivals, documentary exhibitions, etc. Your teacher will give you information about the cultural events sponsored by the Spanish and Portuguese department throughout the quarter. If you know about a cultural event or activity in the Seattle area that may be of interest for the rest of the class, please let your teacher know.

In your reflection paper you are expected to (1) provide some basic information about the event, such as the date, time, location, title of the play, name of the speaker, etc. (2) write a brief summary about its content, and (3) comment on what you have learned from the experience.

Incomplete papers or papers shorter than 200 words will be rejected.

VERY IMPORTANT: The cultural activity you are attending and writing about needs to be approved by your teacher beforehand.

VERY IMPORTANT: The goal of the extra credit activity is to encourage you to connect with the Hispanic/Latino community in the Seattle area. Watching a Spanish movie at home and writing about it is not equivalent to attending a cultural event and will under no circumstances be accepted as an extra credit activity.

VERY IMPORTANT: You can also get 1 extra credit point by attending 3 of the Tertulias organized by the Center for Spanish Studies