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George Shipley

Emeritus Associate Professor

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Ph.D., Harvard University, 1968
George Shipley, Associate Professor of Spanish, received his Ph. D. degree from Harvard University in 1968. His teaching and scholarship center on innovations in fictional form, often in relation to social-historical circumstances, from the last decades of the fifteenth century through the first decades of the seventeenth. His several studies of Fernando de Rojas's La Celestina (1499) examine the undermining of literary conventions and subversion of social authority in that work. In a series of studies of Lazarillo de Tormes Shipley recovers lost and silenced meanings of that text, especially those that allude to the marginalizing of the "New Christians" (those of Jewish and Moorish origins) and to tabood erotic experience. In another series of interrelated articles, Shipley is studying the tense friendship of Sancho Panza and Don Quixote by focusing on Sancho's disguised aggressive hostility towards his esteemed master, first expressed in chapter twenty of Part I of Don Quixote and then danced out in related forms on later occasions. He also is preparing studies of several of Cervantes's Novelas ejemplares.