What UW Students Say About Studying Abroad in Quito

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UW Students in Quito

During Winter 2017, a group of 23 highly motivated 203, 301 and 302-level students traveled to the city of Quito, Ecuador. They lived with local families, studied the local culture and were immersed in Spanish for a quarter. Here is what they want to share about their experience:

 “Studying abroad in Ecuador was my first time studying in another country and it helped me realize my passion for traveling and learning more about my Latin American heritage. On top of that, the service learning aspect of the program helped me with my future career goal of becoming a pediatric doctor through my volunteer work in Ecuador's largest children's hospital.”  Elias Martinez, Junior, Spanish and Pre-Medical

 “I […] had the opportunity to dive further into what I hope to pursue professionally through my time volunteering in the Baca Ortiz pediatric hospital. This experience sparked my desire to double major not only in Public Health but also in Spanish.”  Joanna Yuan, Sophomore, Spanish and Public Health

“I chose to study abroad in Ecuador specifically because I wanted to understand the life and culture of our neighbors to the south […] Returning to the United States, my compassion and empathy for Latin-American immigrants in the United States was multiplied exponentially.”  Kelsey Early, Senior, Spanish and Law, Societies, and Justice

“My experience abroad in Ecuador has given me long-lasting memories, eternal friendships and extensive growth.”  Amberose Longrie, Junior, Civil & Environmental Engineering

“I loved the program experience so much that I applied to a second study abroad program in Spain to continue learning the language.”  Katie Kirby, Sophomore, Public Health Minor and Spanish Minor

“I want to work with a nonprofit organization for my career and being able to volunteer at a small foundation in Ecuador really opened my eyes in what I want to do in my postgrad career.”  Dwayne Fields, Senior, Global Studies and Spanish Minor

 “I definitely feel more motivated to continue studying and complete my minor in Spanish […] My goal is to be able to use it in my career and to live in a Spanish speaking country.”  Sabrina Page, Sophomore, Psychology and Spanish Minor

By Iliana Judith Villanueva Chavez 

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