Friends of Spanish and Portuguese Studies

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Changing demographics nationally and locally lend a new urgency to our mission to study language, literatures, and cultures. Join us today as we strive to create knowledgeable and compassionate citizens, and foster in them tolerance, respect for cultural diversity, a capacity for critical thinking, and a sense of themselves as responsible members of a global community.

The Friends of Spanish and Portuguese Studies Fund is an unrestricted, discretionary resource. These funds are vital in sustaining scholarships, undergraduate research, faculty development, and the many cultural events the department sponsors each year. Your gift will provide valuable resources for the department and its students to advance the Spanish and Portuguese languages and literatures and cultures of Spain, Portugal, Latin America and US Latinos.

Checks can be mailed to: UW College of Arts & Sciences, Attn. Jessica Carter, Box 354882, Seattle, WA 98195.  Please make checks payable to the University of Washington and indicate the “Friends of Spanish and Portuguese Studies Fund” in the reference line.  Alternatively, if you wish to contribute by credit card, you can do so on-line by following this link.

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