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SPAN 492 A: Individual Authors and Special Topics in Latin American Literature

Meeting Time: 
TTh 2:30pm - 4:20pm
BAG 331A
Samuel Jaffee

Syllabus Description:

21st Century Latin American Narrative and Digital Storytelling

The course number MAY change to SPAN 471 before the Autumn Quarter begins.

The required book for this course is already available at the UW Bookstore and may be on the shelf under either SPAN 492 or SPAN 471. See below for details.


This course presents a selection of new narrative from Latin America, mainly since 2015, from creators nearly all under the age of 40, from a range of countries in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Latinos in the United States, who work in a variety of media: fiction in print, online journals and magazines, and digital multimedia narratives.


The course is a design-based inquiry on cultural difference, political and social inequality, and current preoccupations across a variety of borders and identities.


We will read written works by many of these writers:


We will study digital content such as: viewing short films on Afro-Caribbean identities; immigration to the U.S., and Latinos in the U.S.; listening to podcasts and oral storytelling on a variety of social issues; reading digital magazines; looking at digital art platforms, including performance art; and studying music video projects.


All of this material tells narratives that document sociocultural and spiritual diversity and crises, and promote/publicize/protect a range of Latin American identities in the 21st century.


We will treat these narratives as material for our interpretation and our own creative engagement, using design fiction strategies and “digital humanities” methodologies. Assignments will entail creative interpretations of written and digital narratives.  Students will collaborate to create a digital archive for their written or multimedia work, perhaps using an open scholarship platform for publishing, or social media.


Curricular through-lines: ethical, cultural, and social justice perspectives; literacy, communication, and argumentation; inquiry and research; collaborative design.


Required book, available for purchase at UW Bookstore (it is on the shelf either for SPAN 492 or SPAN 471) or through any local bookseller or internet retailer:

Note that this is a book in Spanish published jointly by Vintage Español and Granta magazine.  It is NOT the Spring 2021 issue of Granta, which is in English.

Title: Los mejores narradores jóvenes en español 2 (2021)

ISBN:  978-0593314227


Catalog Description: 
Focuses on an individual Latin American author or a special problem in Latin American literature. Prerequisite: either SPAN 303 or SPAN 316; SPAN 321.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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