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Courses - Summer 2012

Listings for future quarters are tentative and subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please consult the UW Time Schedule. For a listing of all courses potentially offered, see the Course Catalog.

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Summer 2012 A-term

Portuguese Courses

Course Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meeting Time
PORT 110 A Accelerated Elementary Portuguese 13086 Christina Zubelli MTWThF 8:30am - 10:40am

Spanish Courses

Course Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meeting Time
SPAN 101 A Elementary Spanish 13404 Max Maier MTWThF 8:30am - 10:40am
SPAN 101 B Elementary Spanish 13405 Sabrina Spannagel Bradley MTWThF 9:40am - 11:50am
SPAN 102 A Elementary Spanish 13406 Joy Christian MTWThF 9:40am - 11:50am
SPAN 103 A Elementary Spanish 13408 Norma Kaminsky MTWThF 8:30am - 10:40am
SPAN 103 B Elementary Spanish 13409 Tavid J Mulder MTWThF 9:40am - 11:50am
SPAN 201 A Intermediate Spanish 13420 Phillip Markley MTWThF 8:30am - 10:40am
SPAN 202 A Intermediate Spanish 13422 Angela Durán Real MTWThF 10:50am - 1:00pm
SPAN 203 A Intermediate Spanish 13424 Alberto A Requejo MTWThF 10:50am - 1:00pm
SPAN 301 A Advanced Spanish 13426 Leon M. Bensadon MTWThF 8:30am - 10:40am
SPAN 302 A Advanced Spanish 13427 Inma Raneda-Cuartero MTWThF 8:30am - 10:40am
SPAN 303 A Advanced Spanish 13428 Anna Witte MTWThF 1:10pm - 3:20pm
SPAN 395 A Special Topics In Latin American Literature 13431 Lauro Flores MTWThF 10:50am - 1:00pm
SPAN 408 A Spanish Translation Workshop 13432 Cynthia Steele MTWTh 1:10pm - 3:20pm
SPAN 488 A The Fantastic In Latin American Literature 13433 Edgar O'Hara MTWThF 10:50am - 1:00pm
SPAN 592 A Literary Problems: Renaissance 13437 Donald Gilbert-Santamaría TTh 1:10pm - 4:30pm

Summer 2012 B-term

Spanish Courses

Course Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meeting Time
SPAN 102 B Elementary Spanish 13407 Joy Christian MTWThF 8:30am - 10:40am
SPAN 103 C Elementary Spanish 13410 Tavid J Mulder MTWThF 9:40am - 11:50am
SPAN 201 B Intermediate Spanish 13421 Leon M. Bensadon MTWThF 8:30am - 10:40am
SPAN 202 B Intermediate Spanish 13423 Angela Durán Real MTWThF 10:50am - 1:00pm
SPAN 203 B Intermediate Spanish 13425 Kelly Sullivan MTWThF 10:50am - 1:00pm
SPAN 334 A Latin American Film 13429 Cynthia Steele MTWTh 1:10pm - 3:20pm
SPAN 392 A Experiential Learning In Spanish 14374 to be arranged
SPAN 491 A Individual Authors And Special Topics In Spanish Literature 13435 Miguel Coyula MTWTh 9:40am - 12:30pm

Summer 2012 Full-term

Spanish Courses

Course Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meeting Time
SPAN 134 A Intensive First-Year Spanish 13414 Maria Burgess MTWThF 8:30am - 11:50am
SPAN 134 B Intensive First-Year Spanish 13415 Emily Thompson MTWThF 8:30am - 11:50am
SPAN 134 C Intensive First-Year Spanish 13416 Ana Rodriguez Pastor MTWThF 8:30am - 11:50am
SPAN 134 D Intensive First-Year Spanish 13417 Carlos F. Lazo MTWThF 8:30am - 11:50am
SPAN 134 E Intensive First-Year Spanish 13418 David J Sanchez MTWThF 1:10pm - 4:30pm
SPAN 134 F Intensive First-Year Spanish 13419 Jorge González Casanova MTWThF 1:10pm - 4:30pm
SPAN 490 A Honors Seminar 13434 to be arranged
SPAN 600 A Independent Study Or Research 13438 to be arranged
SPAN 700 A Master's Thesis 13439 to be arranged