Title Date Time Location
Latin American Women in Film Oct 11 4:30pm KNE 225
Independence Movements: From Catalans to Kurds Oct 10 2:00pm Gowen Hall 1A
What is Alive and What is Dead In the Work of Américo Castro
Edward Baker
Apr 21 1:30pm to 2:50pm CMU 226
How Could Concentration Camps Happen? Feb 18 1:00pm to 3:00pm KNE 120
Bamako Chic: A Quest for Alternative Visions of Africa Bamako Chic: A Quest for Alternative Visions of Africa  Feb 17 10:00am to 11:00am THO 317
Dreams and Fires: Experiences in Documentary Filmmaking in Latin America Feb 16 4:30pm to 6:00pm THO 101


Title Date Time Location
Reprising the Romantic Approach to Don Quixote
Donald Gilbert-Santamaría, Associate Professor, Spanish
Nov 18 1:30pm to 2:30pm DEN 359


Title Date Time Location
Body Borders: Soil, Sediment, and Sexual Politics in Martinique
Vanessa Agard-Jones
May 21 4:00pm to 6:00pm CMU 202-204
Dr. Ruth Behar: "People: Longing and Reinvention"
Dr. Ruth Behar
May 20 7:30pm Kane Hall 220
Conversation with Laurent Valère
Laurent Valère
May 20 3:30pm to 5:00pm CMU 120
Conversation with J. Carlos Pinto
J. Carlos Pinto
May 19 3:30pm to 5:00pm CMU 120
Dr. Ruth Behar: "Places: Loss and Memory"
Dr. Ruth Behar
May 18 7:30pm Kane Hall 220
Conversation with Jorge Miyagui and Mauricio Delgado at the Ethnic and Cultural Center 
Jorge Miyagui and Mauricio Delgado
May 18 3:00pm to 5:00pm Ethnic Cultural Center: Unity Room
The Importance of Children's Literature in Education
Lilian Álvarez Arellano
May 6 3:30pm to 4:30pm CMU 120


Title Date Time Location
The Living Dead: Memento Mori and the cult of death in nineteenth and early twentieth-century Mexico.
Mark Harpring, PhD
Oct 28 3:30pm to 4:20pm LOW 105
The future of Spanish in the USA
Francisco Moreno
Oct 16 3:30pm to 6:00pm CMU 226
Walter Ferreira de Oliveira, Co-author of Pedagogy of Solidarity | Lecture, Discussion, and Reception
Global Health Resource Center | Spanish & Portuguese Studies
May 27 4:00pm to 6:30pm Foege Auditorium | Room S-060 & Vista Café
Casa Sefarad comes to Seattle
UW Stroum Center for Jewish Studies | Spanish & Portuguese Studies
May 7 2:00pm The Summit
Pierre Alféri | Bilingual Poetry Talk
Division of French & Italian Studies
May 1 4:30pm to 5:30pm Alliance Française de Seattle (rm 204)
Malraux’s Death Sentences
Division of French & Italian Studies
Apr 25 3:30pm Allen Library, Room 485
Cántame una romansa: Memory, Family History, and Sephardic Ballads in Seattle | Lecture by Rina Benmayor
UW Stroum Center for Jewish Studies | Spanish & Portuguese Studies
Apr 24 7:30pm Kane Hall 110
Women Who Rock | 2014 (Un)Conference and Film Festival: HONEY and HEALING
Women Who Rock | Making Scenes, Building Communities
Apr 24 to Apr 26 5:00pm to 12:00pm Various locations
The Future of French and the Future of the Humanities
Division of French & Italian Studies
Apr 24 3:30pm Thomson Hall 211
De Baixo Para Cima | Film Discussion
Jonathan Warren & Angelica Macklin
Apr 22 4:00pm Communications 202
American Blockbusters Shot in Spain During the Franco Dictatorship
Instituto Cervantes | Spanish & Portuguese Studies
Apr 10 4:00pm to 5:30pm Communications 120
The Remarkable Life of Doña Gracia Nasi | Lecture by Andrée Aelion Brooks
Andrée Aelion Brooks
Mar 6 7:00pm to 8:00pm Seattle Art Museum | Nordstrom Lecture Hall
"Abajo Los Chinos": Race and the Public Sphere in Revolutionary Mexico | Lecture by Jason Chang
Jason Chang
Feb 19 4:00pm CMU 120
The Mexican American War has Never Ended: La Alianza Federal de Mercedes, Almanac of the Dead, and the Writing of Mestizaje in New Mexico
Simón Trujillo, PhD
Jan 24 4:00pm to 6:00pm CMU 202 | Simpson Center Reading Room
The Jews of Latin America | Lecture by Prof. Ilan Stavans Jan 10 12:00pm to 1:00pm Thomson Hall 317


Title Date Time Location
JewDub Talks featuring Prof. Ana Gómez-Bravo
Professor Ana Gomez-Bravo
Nov 7 7:00pm UW Tower Auditorium
¡Ay, amor ya no me quieras tanto!: Love me tender. 24 pezas mínimas para unha caixa de música, de Ana Romaní y la Ley de Protección Integral Contra La Violencia de Género
Silvia Bermúdez
Nov 7 3:30pm to 5:00pm CMU 120
Lecture by Teo Allain Chambi Oct 19 12:00pm to 1:00pm Seattle Art Museum
Lecture: Finding the Tombs of the Moche Queens, 1000 Years of Female Power in the North Coast of Peru
Dr. Luis Jaime Castillo Butters
Oct 16 2:00pm Seattle Art Museum | Plestcheeff Auditorium
The State of Sociolinguistic Research in Bulgaria
Linguistics Colloquium
Oct 11 3:30pm to 5:00pm Miller 301
Ladino/Judezmo as a Jewish Language
David Bunis
Oct 9 6:00pm to 8:00pm Hillel UW
Shadow Memories: The Archaeology of Civil War and Dictatorship in Spain
Alfredo Gonzalez Ruibal
May 3 3:30pm Savery Hall Room 264
The Incredible life of Dona Gracia Nasi: Lecture by Andree Aelion Brooks Mar 28 3:00pm
Galeet Dardashti and Jessika Kenney Feb 10 7:00pm
Archives Without Borders: Agusti­ Centelles and Historical Memory in the USA Jan 22 3:30pm
Sarah Aroeste and Prof. Devin Naar Jan 17 7:00pm


Title Date Time
"From King Alphonse XIII's Clandestine Collection to the Valencian Film Archives: Powers at Play in Spain's Early Pornographic Film History" Dec 6 4:30pm
Joan Margarit - "Fuera de la poesia, del arte, solo esta la intemperie" Dec 3 3:30pm
The Use and Importance of Spanish in North Africa Oct 17 3:30pm
Fundamentos teoricos y practicos de historia de la lengua espanola May 11 3:30pm
Faculty Colloquium Apr 27 2:30pm
Mas Alla de la Justicia Apr 26 3:00pm
Edgar OHara - Recital de poemas Apr 5 6:30pm
Faculty Colloquium Feb 27 3:30pm
Ms. Raquel Albarran - Job Talk Jan 30 3:30pm
Dr. Stephanie Kirk - Job Talk Jan 27 3:30pm
Plotting Translation and Converting Black Subjects in Seventeenth-Century Cartagena de Indias - Larissa Brewer-Garcia Jan 17 3:30pm


Title Date Time
Guns and God in American Politics Oct 7 4:00pm
"Fundar la palabra o desenfundarla, he aqui el dilema (del joven jefe Vargas Llosa)" May 27 3:30pm
"Truth, Justice, and Reparations" May 17 3:30pm
"Building Bridges: Spanish and English Language Writers in Conversation" May 16 7:00pm
Lecture on Spanish Explorers - Leoncio Carretero Collado May 5 3:30pm
Talk by Rosalinda Guillen on Cesar Chavez's legacy. May 5 12:00pm
Lecture on Spanish Explorers - Leoncio Carretero Collado May 3 3:30pm
Amancio Prada - Sonetos y canciones de Federico Garcia Lorca Apr 30 8:00pm
Native American Musicians of the Early 17th Century New Mexican Franciscan Mission Schools Apr 21 2:00pm
Lecture, "Juan Ramon Jimenez y el exilio americano" Apr 14 3:30pm
Book Presentation, "Fray Juan Izquierdo, Obispo de Yucatan (1587-1602)" Apr 12 3:30pm
Informal Conversatorio in Spanish with Victor Manuel Quijano Castineira Feb 11 3:30pm
Faculty Colloquium Feb 11 12:00pm
Informal Conversatorio in Spanish with Victor Manuel Quijano Castineira Feb 9 2:30pm


Title Date Time
In War and Peace, from Documentary to Artistic Cinema: The Mexican Revolution on Film (1911-1935) Nov 19 12:00pm
LECTURE: History on Display: Context, Controversy, and Picasso’s Guernica May 25 7:00pm
LECTURE: Border Crossings: Thinking about the International Brigaders before and after Spain Apr 27 7:00pm
LECTURE: The EU after Lisbon and the Challenges Ahead Apr 26 4:00pm
LECTURE: Spanish in the Ecuadorian Andes Apr 21 3:30pm
LECTURE: Human Rights and Historical Memory Feb 23 6:00pm
SEMANA DE MÉXICO: Lecture on the Mexican Revolution Feb 16 5:45pm
LECTURE: Thesis Roundtable Jan 29 3:30pm


Title Date Time
LECTURE: Gender, Sexuality, and Violence in Mexican Films Nov 19 1:30pm
LECTURE: Hemingway and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Nov 12 7:00pm
LECTURE: Bilingual Children and the Importance of Maintaining Spanish Nov 2 5:00pm
LECTURE: Irene Cardona Oct 15 3:30pm
LECTURE: The State of Hispanic Literature in the United States May 12 5:30pm
LECTURE: Donato Ndongo Apr 16 3:30pm
LECTURE: Aureo de Mello Apr 15 3:30pm
LECTURE: Donato Ndongo Apr 15 3:30pm
LECTURE: Puerto Rico and Nation Formation in the 19th Century Apr 9 5:30pm
SEMANA DE MÉXICO: Lecture on Institutional Trust in Mexico Feb 27 3:30pm
SEMANA DE MÉXICO: Lecture on Rebozos (Followed by Reception) Feb 24 5:30pm
SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Encyclopedia of Spanish Feb 12 3:30pm
DEPARTMENTAL PRESENTATION: Ecuador-Fernanado Mino Feb 12 1:30pm


Title Date Time
LECTURE- An Agenda for Queer Hispanic Studies Today Nov 25 4:00pm
LECTURE- The Camino de Santiago: Pilgrimage Medieval & Modern Oct 9 3:30pm
Chicano Movement and the Use of Spanglish Sep 13 3:00pm
LECTURE- The Oldest Language of Mankind: 35,000 Years of Tradition May 19 6:00pm
LECTURE- Españoles en la costa noroeste y en el estrecho de Juan de Fuca May 19 3:30pm
LECTURE- American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music May 9 9:00am
LECTURE- The Baroque Self: Frida Kahlo and Gabriel García Márquez May 8 3:30pm
LECTURE- Redeeming Jews: Sephardic Intermediaries in the Early Modern Mediterranean Apr 4 12:00pm
LECTURE- History, Philosophy & Fencing in the Golden Age of Spain Feb 18 6:00pm
LECTURE- Who are the Jews of Morocco?: The Origins and Identity of the Rural Communities Feb 12 12:00pm