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La dictadura y la postdictadura chilena y la contrarrevolución cultural

Prof. Grínor Rojo
Grinor Rojo: Oct 8 at 3:30 in HUB 238
Monday, October 8, 2018 - 3:30pm to 5:30pm
HUB 238

September 11, 1973 and March 11, 1990 mark the beginning of two political and cultural processes in Chile: Pinochet's dictatorship and the rebirth of democracy. How did Chilean cultural actors participate in both moments and how did they contest the official cultural politics under both the dictatorial regime and during democracy? How might such interventions offer lessons for the present?

Professor Grínor Rojo has been a visiting professor at many universities in the United States and South America. Rojo specializes in nineteenth and twenty-century Latin American cultural studies with a focus on the intersection between politics, literature, and culture. He has published more than a dozen books on such topics as exile, dictatorship, post-dictatorship, literary theory, and intellectual history.

Conference to be given in Spanish.