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SPAN 362 A: Food And Community: Cultural Practices In The Hispanic World

pintxos bar, Spain
Summer Term: 
Meeting Time: 
MTWThF 1:10pm - 3:20pm
DEM 126
Joint Sections: 
HONORS 394 A, GEOG 373 A, JEW ST 362 A
Ana M. Gómez-Bravo

Additional Details:

This course explores the intersection of food and community building through the study of Hispanic cultures. By examining the interaction of various Hispanic communities with different ethnic groups by means of food practices, the course provides an introduction to: urban planning and design that pertain to food; food and material culture; foodways and gender roles; diet and hygiene; food in religious and civic celebrations, and rituals; socioeconomic factors in food practices; ingredients, and food preparation techniques. The scope of the course comprises Latin American countries and US communities and looks at Hispanic food practices as an important component in the study of culturally diverse peoples and cultures. This course has a hands-on component.

This course is cross-listed with GEOG 373, HONORS 394, and JEW ST 362.

Catalog Description: 
Intersections of food and community in Hispanic cultures. Past and present practices. Food and material culture, urban design, foodways and gender roles, food and race, diet and hygiene, religious, and civic celebrations, and food preparation techniques. Offered: jointly with GEOG 373/JEW ST 362; S.
GE Requirements: 
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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