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SPAN 542 A: Topics In Spanish Second Language Acquisition

Second Language Acquisition
Meeting Time: 
T 2:30pm - 5:20pm
SMI 109
Joint Sections: 
LING 580 E, LING 580 F
Ana Fernández Dobao

Syllabus Description:

LING 580 / SPAN 542: Peer interaction and second language acquisition

How do pair work and group dynamics impact language learning? In this seminar we will explore the relationship between classroom interaction and second language acquisition. We will discuss current theoretical approaches to the study of peer interaction, paying attention to both interactionists and sociocultural perspectives. We will examine the empirical research conducted from these approaches, its main findings and their implications.

The seminar is intended for graduate students interested in Applied Linguistics and/or Second Language Acquisition research, as well as those with a focus on second/foreign language teaching. Special attention will be devoted to the pedagogical implications of the research being discussed.

As part of the activities for the course, students enrolled in SPAN 542 or LING 580 E will design and carry out a small-scale classroom-based study. A 2 credit option, LING 580 F, is available for students who do not intend to complete this research project and final paper.

The language of instruction will be English. Knowledge of Spanish is not required.


Catalog Description: 
Selected topics in Second language Acquisition. Discusses current theoretical approaches to the study of Second Language Acquisition problems, with special emphasis on Spanish Second Language Acquisition. Examines empirical research from these different approaches and their main contributions to the field. Introduces Second Language Acquisition research methods.
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